After 7 years of working in marketing in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry, I decided to freelance so that I could focus on the aspects of marketing I enjoy the most – communication and big-picture thinking. Throughout my career, I’ve drawn on the skills learned through my Fine Arts education and creative work in film and graphic design. My experience in the start-up of a retail store has been invaluable in understanding the joys and perils of business.

I thrive on collaborating with people who have passion for what they do. I ask good questions, and listen closely to answers. I’m keen on details, while always having a global perspective in mind.

Beauty and simplicity are guiding principles – I believe they aid communication immensely. Honesty, with one’s colleagues and one’s customers, is a core value. I believe in finding the best people and tools for the job.

If I seem like someone you’d like to work with, I’d love to hear from you.

Cassandra Pollack